Whether you are looking for a place to store your aircraft for a year, a week, or permanently, Uniflight has you covered. We provide both long and short term hangar storage, and even can include services such as making sure your aircraft is flight ready when you need it, or preserved for long term storage per the manufacturers guidelines.



Our hangars are top of the line and held to strict quality control measures that ensure your aircraft is stored in the best way possible. Uniflight owns and has access to secured heated hangars as well as cold storage so your aircraft is best preserved depending on your particular storage needs.



If you plan to store your aircraft indefinitely, Uniflight can complete your aircraft’s calendar inspection items and monthly run ins at a fixed monthly rate.


With our three domestically based service centers, you’re able to relocate your aircraft between facilities at no additional charge and with our flat fee storage rates, the storage fee is the same regardless of the location your aircraft is stored.