Uniflight was the first avionics service company in the Western Pennsylvania area to own a fully automatic, computer controlled, high speed, solid state UV Laser wire and cable marking system. Harnesses built to your data or ours, we’ll package and ship anywhere in the world.   Uniflight owns and operates a new state-of-the-art Tri-Star M-100L Laser Wire Marker. The M-100L meets all current industry standards, including Boeing Document “BAC 1552” and has been certified by Airbus. We also utilize AutoCAD, allowing us to provide electrical and structural documentation to our customers, as needed. Our technicians have proficiently performed in accordance with several industry leaders Standards and Practices Manuals including Bell Helicopter Textron electrical Standards and Practices Manual, Airbus Helicopter Standards and Practices Manual and Army Technical Manual “Installation Practices for Aircraft Electric and Electronic Wiring”.

Each of our technical staff possesses both a formal education and a broad aviation working background. We have built and installed hundreds of wiring harnesses in helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft and are sensitive to the challenges this work often presents.

We have the capability and capacity to assist you with the design of your wiring package, or we can work from your engineering data. We are pleased to provide you with a comprehensive quote for anything from a single system to an entire aircraft harness.


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